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Bouquets from Plant Stamp


Hi, I’m Shannon. I live in downtown Boise, Idaho and am a wife and mother. When my youngest son was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at age two, I decided to stay home with him and make sure he got the care he needed to thrive. It has been quite a journey since then! I squeezed in a degree in Horticulture between appointments and daily life, have worked part-time jobs here and there in agriculture, retail, and tax preparation, and have had fun acquiring a few chickens, fish, and dogs.


Everything changed after being inspired by a company called Floret and watching their mini-course videos on small-scale flower farming. Feeling encouraged and empowered, and with a little push from my amazing friend Molly and some help from my family, I decided to start a (very) mini flower farm here in the heart of the city on a tenth of an acre. I have been cultivating naturally grown cut flowers and making seasonally fresh hand-crafted bouquets ever since!


Planning, growing, and maintaining gardens is my happy place. I love to share the beauty around us with others through my learned knowledge and lovely blooms. I am passionate about creating greenspaces in our communities, finding new ways to use flowers in our lives, and creating closed loop systems to reduce inputs on private and public lands.

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